Real Estate Professional in Las Vegas, Nevada United States
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Ryan Tsui

Real Estate Professional in Las Vegas, Nevada United States
Ryan Tsui brings 20+ years of real estate experience to the table as an owner/operator and as a friend when assisting his diverse clientele with their objective of investing in both residential and commercial properties across the Las Vegas region. An avid sportsman since a young age, Ryan won a scholarship to attend BYU playing football, where the discipline, teamwork, and confidence he received opened the door to many opportunities after he subsequently graduated from APU with a bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership. Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Ryan’s work experience ran the gamut from construction to consumer electronics to managing his own personal and business growth consulting firm. Tying together the skills from his past careers, he now helps his clients not only find the perfect Las Vegas home that fits their lifestyle, Ryan also assists them with the purchase of commercial properties that will ultimately be a good business investment. Armed with hands-on knowledge of how the location, size, and layout of a building can affect its performance, he receives great satisfaction in assisting investors or business owners to build their businesses and ultimately grow wealth. With a keen eye for value, he specializes in helping homeowners, industrialists, and retailers with their search for real estate that not only suits their needs but also goes above and beyond their perceived expectations. Ryan considers himself a serial entrepreneur and brings that spirit to every transaction he is involved in whether his client is international, local, or others who are looking to invest in one of the fastest-growing municipalities in the nation. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese and a second-generation Chinese American, he focuses much of his energy on finding properties for clients looking to reside or invest in Las Vegas from all across the globe. Ryan can often be found outside of work appreciating a good ribeye steak accompanied by a nice bottle of Napa Valley Cab. Spending time with family and friends rejuvenates him as does sitting by the fire in a cabin surrounded by 3’ of fresh powder and the promise of a great day on the slopes.
Mandarin Chinese
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