Waterfront Living

“Growing up on the East Coast and then moving to California, I have always lived near water. It’s been such a part of my life that it has simply become a prerequisite when considering a place to live. Because of this fact, a home in the desert seemed that it would be just about as likely as the Red Sox winning a world series. Given that miracles do seem to occur, (as the Red Sox demonstrated), I consider myself among the fortunate few to have stumbled across Lake Las Vegas; a magical oasis, right in the middle of the desert. While it somehow seems an unlikely paradox - that is, waterfront property in the middle of a desert - it also somehow strangely seemed normal, almost peaceful. If the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, can create a symbiotic harmony with the desert then why not a lake? Then throw in an Italian Village, Golf, Desert, and Luxury Homes. Yes, it all made sense, somehow. As if by a quirk of fate, I had stumbled across this diamond in the desert. Some call it coincidence; some serendipity; In Vegas, it’s called Luck. But whatever you call it, there’s no doubt that this unseen phenomenon plays some part, whether small or large, in the goings on in this town, as it did with my own sojourn to become a Nevada Resident at Lake Las Vegas.

Nevada to me had always simply been “Las Vegas”. I began a cursory search on the looking for somewhere to stay. It really came down to 2 choices. Stay on the strip, or stay at the Westin Resort at this place called Lake Las Vegas. Fate chose the Lake. We arrived late, got lost among the roads, and, frankly, in the darkness of night, wondered if we had made a bad choice.

When morning came our doubts were quickly cast aside and we realized that we were fortunate to find this paradise in the middle of the desert. Upon first viewing the Lake, I was struck by a sense of peace, awed by its beauty. It took about 18 minutes of looking around the property to determine that this was exactly where our next home should be and also where I would next reside. Yet, there is something magical in Lake Las Vegas, the air of the impossible becoming possible, and the unbelievable becoming reality.” - James D